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A Busy Week's Menu

What a busy week we have coming! Between the kids coming back from Spring Break, B and I both in the office, and some outside of the norm work commitments in the evening, we have a busy one coming. So, I needed to be able to plan a quick and easy weekly menu for us!

If you're like me, sometimes you just don't want to plan meals on top of everything else to prep for in a busy week. So, I created this week's meal plan to prep meals and lunches from cooking most nights. I thought this might help you if you are feeling the same!

Keys to making meals easy in a busy week:

  • Load your menu as an all-day event on a shared family calendar. The kids can check it on the Alexa screen, everyone has it on their phones, and can help out as soon as they get home.

  • Meals don't have to be fancy! Don't put more expectations on yourself.

  • Use what you have on hand already.

  • Freezer foods are your friend. Think about steaming broccoli, quick add-ins to other meals, etc.

  • If you heat up your oven, cook some extras ahead for the next day.

  • Pack your lunches as you clean up from the night before.

  • Simple sides: fresh fruit, dips, pickles, etc.

I always strive to plan to use up whatever we have on hand, as well as considering our schedule for the week. Similarly, I don't have time to pack lunch each morning. I mean, I COULD, but I don't want to get up 20 minutes earlier. So, my strategy is always to make 1-2 servings extra of a couple of meals so that I can pack lunches as we clean up after dinner.

Here's this week's menu! I hope it helps!


  • Salmon fillets, rice, steamed from frozen broccoli with a Mediterranean Greek Yogurt Dip.

  • I plan to use the dinner to mix it all together and then add the dip on top for lunch on Monday. I am not going to microwave salmon and broccoli in the office. Nobody likes that coworker.


  • Southwest turkey meatloaf and roasted red potatoes.

  • D has drum lessons on Mondays, but they don't go too late. So, a meal that can be put together and thrown in the oven is a perfect fit.

  • I plan to prep some of the fruit needed for Tuesday's meal so that it is quick and easy to assemble. D is going to learn to use a melon baller (he just doesn't know it yet).

  • We have some frozen turkey and a pack of frozen southwest veggies that includes onion, black bean, corn, etc. This one will make at least 2 lunches too! I plan to cook off some chicken to save for Tuesday night's dinner since I have the oven heated up.


  • **Meal on the Go**- We are packing mini naans, the chicken from Tuesday night, hummus, a fruit salad (strawberries and melon with lemon juice, maybe Greek yogurt and honey), and some sliced cucumbers.

  • The whole family will be eating at the ball field! If the kids need an extra snack when we get back, my go-to has been bananas. They are starchy enough to fill them up, the kids love them and there is no cleanup. Boom. Bellies full.


  • **Happy St. Patrick's Day!** Corned beef lunchmeat grilled quesadillas, red potato salad, and a horseradish cream dip for those who are interested (mostly me).

  • I'll be working late, so B will be on his own. I couldn't just NOT do something for St. Patrick's Day, so I planned an easy meal for the boys to enjoy outside on the grill if they want. When I get home, I will make 2 wraps (one for lunch the next day), and serve some potato salad, some cucumbers, and see how the day went for everyone.


  • Little L has been asking for my Ham and Pea Instant Pot Risotto. It is seriously easy, a great spring dish, and (my favorite part), he loves cooking it with me.

  • We also have some extra arborio rice, frozen peas, and onion on hand, so all I need is to get a ham steak, some white wine, and some parmesan. You guessed it! It also saves for lunch.


Time for some grilling and chilling. We're gonna do burgers and grilled veggies. A little happy hour and time in the backyard will be just what is needed. I have a special dessert recipe that I plan to try out with the kids! (recipe coming soon!) You can't beat it.

I hope that you can find a great routine for your families during busy weeks. Comment below regarding what your favorite quick meals are for busy weeks!

Keep life fresh,


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